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Summer Camp Details

Summer Day Camp: Wednesday, June 12 - Friday, August 9, 2024

Location: Summer Day Camp is only available at the Main Clubhouse (1200 N. 7th Street, Columbia, MO)

Summer Hours: Doors open at 7:45 AM and close at 5:15 PM Monday through Friday

Meals: Food is served daily at the Club. Breakfast begins at 8 am and members must arrive by 8:45 am to receive breakfast. Lunch and afternoon snacks are also provided. All members must arrive before 9am to be included in the daily lunch count.

Summer Program Focus Areas: Sports & Recreation, Literacy Skill Building, Character & Leadership, STEM Discovery, Early Workforce Development, and Arts & Crafts

Club will be closed on the following days:
June 19, June 28, July 4, and July 26

1st-5th grade: $200
6th-12th grade: $25

Fees for summer must be paid before the summer program begins. Scholarships are available based on a sliding fee scale. Please contact for more information about scholarships.

If you have questions about the enrollment process, please call us at 573-874-1697 or email

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